Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hit or Miss- Grammy Edition

Hit or Miss- Grammy Edition

         My couple's best dress pick of Grammy's 2015 is...  All hail the Queen Bey and          H to the Izzo
 Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Beyonce Carter!


I like his suit. She gets a NO.

I love her dress, if he had on a darker suit they could've been my best dressed.  Definitely runner up!

yes, I like

No Kim!, Maybe if you had no sleeves. Your drowning in this dress. Love your hair tho. Kanye GTFOH!.

Love his edgy-ness. I like where she was trying to go with this, but she needs more Sexy. Open the zipper, show some cleavage, and show some toes- strappy shoe (silver or white or grey)

I can't think what muppet/cartoon character Wiz looks like, but lil man looks handsome. 
My best dress single's edition goes to Ms. Fabulous at 77- Jane Fonda. I hope to look this good at 77. I'm going to dig up some of her old workout tapes- lol. I need her regimen.
She rocked it!  (different shoe for me tho)

yaaasss Teigan

yaaasss Gwen Stefani

Yaass, to the dress, No to the hair- that's beach hair not Grammy's

on the fence

yes Nikki. different hair

Yaaaasss Paris

WTF Rhianna

Yaasss Taylor

who? and WTF

Taste? Tuesday's-   Do you agree.  Leave a comment! Who is your best dress of that night?

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