Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Appreciation Day- A few of my favorite things

Valentine's Day is coming in 3 days.
 What to get your special him or her?

Sometimes I can be called a grouch or a grinch. Keep that in mind with what I'm about to say.  To me- Valentine's isn't a really big holiday. I don't expect you to go all out the way for any big gift or anything, but I do expect something from my man.  Nothing cheesy, like flowers or candy. (flowers die, candy is fattening- (I told you guys I can be considered a grouch)  Something small that you have been meaning to get for yourself, but you always say next time when your in the store.  So here is a list of my nothing big, but something useful that I would appreciate him picking and choosing for the love appreciation day.

1. Always need a fresh pair of black and white Chucks in the                                                          closet. Can be found at any local sneaker store. $45-$55
Tote bag

2.   Lovely tote I came across.  All leather. Cute color.  here
3. Yankee Fitted -  New Era here
silver hoops
4. Silver hoops - 69$ here

5. Any smell good, lotion/ shower gel set.   Bath& Body works

6. Last but not least, he can never go wrong with the perfect scent.  I have been wanting this (Hanae Mori)  for a while.  This Parfum- you can shop around for,but here is a link here.

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